It was ordained for me to find my soulmate.

Lot of people don’t know God put me and my wife together.

At 15 I’d visit Chicago with mom and she lived 10 minutes away

So close but never realized it and 7 year’s later to meet in the navy.

Together we have 10 years straight living outside of America.

I blew stuff up and she heals people perfect match.

I’m loud she’s quiet,I big she’s small but that’s bout all the differences we are more alike than not.

NBA 2k we are a threat my girl is better on the sticks than all my friends that play.

That is that good standard, to me she gives the more bang for my buck.

Fishing, swimming, driving traveling just to name a few.

Our escapades are infamous if ya c 1 u take 2.

So much passion,with hardly and misguided traditional stoicism.

Lights my wick and covers my wax.

I salute you Gigi.

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